Thursday, February 9, 2012

"V" is for Valentine

Remember grade school and the Valentine's Day party?  You might have made a "mailbox" for all of the valentines that would arrive and be shared as you drank juice and ate a cupcake!  Trying to read the real sentiment behind the clever words on each card made a fun end of  the school day treat. 

To bring those memories back to your nest, Better Homes and Gardens shared this sweet, homemade mailbox.  I love it!  Sure, there are many "store bought" ones, but this is just too sweet to pass up!  The pattern and simple instructions are available at BHG.  Just click here!!!
(Photo Credit:  Better Homes and Gardens)


Suz said...

Oh I do remember making such a one with my children...son, of course..resisting...
In my day..:)...we just went around one by one placing them on each other's desks
boring Lutherans
cute project...but not sure anyone will put a valentine in mine..not even old grizzly

Marie said...

Oh, yes, those were such fun days! I think Valentines Day is really more for kids but the schools just don't celebrate it anymore the way we used to as kids and that's sad. And maybe Valentines Day is also for young lovers. I can remember some sweet Valentines Day surprises when I was young! Now we are needing a break by the time it rolls around...four birthdays in our immediate family plus Christmas in December and January! I usually skip Valentines...but I do have such good memories of it when I was a child! Thanks for posting this wonderful mailbox too. Wouldn't you love to see it in a classroom or just as a table decoration! Very nice!

tipper said...

Yes I remember the boxes-haven't thought about them in years! This one is super cute : )