Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

A lot of Valentine's Day ads seem to speak to love from or to a "significant other."   Well, I will never forget when  I was in the grocery store on the eve of Cupid's celebration several years ago.  I saw a very pretty bouquet of delicate flowers, not roses, just soft and "wildflowerlike."  I took them to the register, and the lady smiled and said, "Someone's a very lucky man!"  I smiled back and said , "I'm buying these for me!"  To which she replied, "Good for you."  The flowers were $5.99...the moment, as they say, was priceless! 

Now, whether or not you have a special someone to gift on Valentine's Day, it certainly isn't selfish to give to oneself.  It's in feeling love for yourself that you can give to others.  Hey!  Confidence in one's own worthiness attracts like honey! 

I especially like this idea this year for you and me!  I saw it on Pinterest, and it's a Valentine gift to ourselves that we can enjoy for a few days!  A desk "tray" filled with essentials!  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  Whether there is a "significant other" or not, always be good to yourself.  It' the best way to be good to others!


Suz said...

Happy Valentine's day to you
love those bird songs!
a gift to me from you every time I click on your blog....')

♥Molli♥ said...

Hello... I like your site...do you visite me too??


:) :D :) :D


Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more, before one can truely love anyone else, you need to of found true peace and happiness with yourself.

Auntie Em said...

Too cute! A desk drawer with chocolate in it is always a good thing! :)