Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's All About Priorities!

"Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. 
 The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials." 
~Lin Yu Tang

I think the economic downturn has made all of us more aware of  economizing and prioritizing.  Those are both good things.  One priority kept me captive for more years than I’d like to think about, but, thank goodness,  it hasn’t been on the “must do” list for quite some time now.  With new found time created by doing away with the nonessential came found cash.  That's a win-win for anyone!   The "essential" theme has carried over into some of my other "can't live without" priorities...all for the better, I think!

             I am the girl next door, and I WAS addicted to acrylic nails.
    This is my story.

Every two weeks  I was there at 10 a.m.  Sometimes, the appointment didn’t lend itself to my schedule, but I was there.  In spite of the inconvenience,  I looked forward to having my nails “filled in”  and spending a social hour at the nail salon.  For 11 years, count ‘em, eleven years,  I paid homage to colors like Cha-Ching Cherry and Dancin’ in the Isles.  Heaven forbid if the favorite of the season was not on the shelf when I arrived! The $15 visit didn’t seem like a lot of money for all the laughter, gossip, and compliments.  But, eleven years???  Some nice change, eh?

Well, the fateful day came in 2009.  The economic crunch had found my street.  My small home business was down as clients lost their jobs or their hours were cut.  I knew that  I had to do some “cutting” of my own….budget cutting.  The 10 a.m. appointments were a no brainer.   Though I had toyed with the idea before, I knew that the acrylics were like so gone!  I'd been given "permission" by a change in circumstances.  Why did I wait for permission?

The nail tech, who had become more like a confidante, would put up a fight.  BUT, I could and would turn a deaf ear to her “beautiful nails” sales pitch.   I would just keep repeating my mantra, “I want real nails.”

It's been almost 3 years now since those acrylics were waved bye-bye.  As I looked at my buffed, natural nails this morning,  I rolled my eyes with wonder over the silly me that bought into thinking the every two week nail ritual was a done deal.  Its departure brought a breath of self-awareness.   An occasional  manicure is a real treat now! I usually opt for  clear polish.  Imagine that? 

As the months...years...have passed, I find myself looking in every nook and cranny to see what else has made itself a priority without ME giving IT permission to be in my life.  Have you made a similar change in your priorities lately that’s saving time, money, and your sanity?  I’d love to hear your story! 


Suz said...

I don't do them anymore either...but for different reason....I work in the garden and love to wash dishes....but do still dream about I'M NOT JUST A WAITRESS was nice
But you are much stuff we don't need...and should do without....I guess the nailgirl had to give some things up too..what with everyone quitting her
love those frogs!

Marie said...

I have to admit that I am in a time crunch in my life right now so I made a commitment to no longer be on facebook, and to not start Pinterest, because I barely have enough time to blog mixed in with everything else I do! You would think that since I no longer work, I would have lots of time on my hands, but that just isn't so! :-) Mainly I am trying to carve sections out of my weeks now to start doing more of the things I never got to do when I was working. So....something always has to go.

Melody said...

Hello! I followed a rabbit trail and found your blog. No, I am not a spammer. I am a real life person! I have never been too fussy about my nails, because we own a hobby farm, and I use my hands way too much in the barn and garden. But I have learned to spend my time on people and not things, more and more these days. After all, people pay you back! I will say I recently went in for a basic pedicure and got talked into a manicure. I told her I just wanted my fingernails buffed, and I think I offended her. She got very huffy and did a nasty job. Yes, it was a new salon in my town (closer than the one I was going to; wanted to save gas!) but no, I will not be going back!