Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Backdoor Friends!

"Backdoor friends are best!"

There were a few idle moments to be had on this chilly Tuesday morning.  So, I decided to visit Pinterest.  I have to be very careful when visiting there because a few minutes can become a few hours as I look at all the "pins" and  "repin" those that catch my eye.  Well, this pic of a backdoor caught my eye today.  It makes me think of how special a backdoor used to be.  How sad that in this world, it's a bit scary to think about unlocked doors.  But, if one were to throw all caution to the wind, the backdoor would be left untethered.  Imagine that!  No thumb latch-lock!  Oh, that thought takes me to a place from a very long time ago. 

It takes me back to the "good old days," a neighbor could open the back screen door and come right on in for awhile.  Of course, a few good manners (yes, people really used them) applied.  Like, no visits before 9 a.m. and no visits after 3 p.m.  After all there were beds to be made and supper to be started.  Also, you  announced when you set that first foot inside the backdoor.  A simple, "Hey, Betty, I'm here,"  would do.  Then, Betty, would start talking even before she got a glimpse of  your new apron.  "Come on in! I'll pour us a cup of coffee."  And so, those sweet minutes of catching up on all the news since yesterday would begin!  There might just be a fresh made, fried apple pie on a "flowerdy" plate, too.  So, as you sat, sipped, nibbled, and chatted, two souls shared laughter...sometimes heartbreak...but always heartfelt.  Just imagine!

Maybe, we really do visit through the "backdoor" today.  It's just that the door is a blog, or a tweet, or a text.  Words spoken in a very different way in a very different time and place.

So, come on in.  I'm glad that you stopped by.  Have a cup of coffee and a cupcake and visit awhile! Sit, sip, nibble, and browse.  Sorry, about the fried pies!  Just no time to make those like Mama did!  After all there are sites to see and errands to run!  By the way, what's going on in your world today?  Don't forget to announce that you were here and share your heartfelt comments!  Have an awesome Tuesday, backdoor friends! (Photo credit:  Pinterest on several boards!)


Winnie said...

I often dream of having a girlfriend like Ethel who pops in whenever and gets caught up in my Lucy-like schemes. Alas the neighbors are all to busy and the kids need shuttling around. The backdoor is always unlocked though.

Suz said...

oh my...this took me back..way back...and it was a great trip...thanks
Oh WInnie...above...I used to have an Ethel in my life..until she moved away...sigh
and I had a neighbor that used to leave her front door open...wide open..just her strom showing...that meant....come on in...she has moved away too...
so thanks for letting me in this afternoon....hot tea,one lump..a coconut bar will do...luv ya

Love your bird calls...I listen to my nature tapes all the time too
This one is very nice...the name?
and can I get it?

Mac n' Janet said...

It's been a long time since people left their doors open here, and when we take our morning walk we're the only folks around, everyone is working.

Marie said...

Wow, it seems like those days are in all our pasts...memories of a simpler, more quiet time. I loved you bringing it back to us with this post!

jennifer anderson said...

yep people sit home alone online now. although it is easier to keep up with people who move away or people from the past.

Jen said...

Your post was so sweet. I've never had fried apple pie. What is it like? I'm sure divine!! My grandmother made apple pie with lard crust which was yummy, but have never had fried pie! I wish life was more like your post (the past). Everyone now seems so busy.....and I am innately shy. But boy, having some coffee and a cupcake with you would do my heart some good! Thanks for sharing this.


Michelle Lisle said...

I love this post, as a child of the 70's and 80's I can remember many people still leaving their doors unlocked and friends visiting though the back door. A quick word of 'anyone here?' and a response of 'I'm in the laundry' (that was my mum, she lived in the laundry with four kids to look after and a husband) and the visit and tea and coffee would start. I have to say I consider myself very lucky in this day and age that I have a back door neighbour. We visit each other often and simply give a quick knock to let each other know we're there and then the catch up begins. But yes the world is not as easy a place to live in as it once was when times were simpler but at least we have those memories of a much better time.

I thoroughly enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more.

Oh and my coffee machine is always on ready to go should you ever want one. :-)

sparkle100-havealook.blocgspot.com said...

I remember those days. Doors open. Neighbours popping over. Well I am really blessed living in the country. Hubby and I have found atleast six people like that since we moved to country.
We have the tea breaks the coffee breaks, meales with each other. And no arguments. All in one accord. Awesome!

Even ask us if we want to go to the store. Like today. Hubby's friend has dropped him over to town to pick up some meds. life is grand in my town of people.

Love that house you posted.

Have a happy Day!