Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July Glistens!

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Poets write of May and June,
But seldom mention warm July,
And August is neglected, too!
Is this because few words will rhyme?
(excerpted from The Summer Months by Joyce Hemsley)

My Ode to July

July glistens with sun rays stretching from eternity to the earth below.  
Sweat drips from the gardener's brow,
Summer's bounty lies waiting in the gardens
As chirpers flit on the stone bath to quench their thirst.

Ah!  July!  It's the end to busy June and the prelude to a lazy August!
           ~ SummerGypsy

Today, I write an ode to July.  The last two days were quite a different story!  The air conditioning was down.  The thermostat was showing 88 degrees inside.  Sweltering July in Dixie.  Yesterday afternoon, the cold air returned. Hence, the ode!

Growing up in the rural South, there was no air conditioning.  I wonder how we survived!  I guess it was through the "push-up" popsicles, homemade lemonade stands, and kool-aid after the "slip and slide!"  Treasured memories of July when school was still "out there" somewhere on the calendar!!  What are your memories of July?

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Mac n' Janet said...

When my husband was drafted in the late 60's we were sent to Augusta, Ga and we were so poor that not only did we not have air conditioning we didn't have a fan. We survived by no moving much.