Monday, July 11, 2011

Under Summer Skies

The summer skies are still around with pop-up showers and lazy clouds nestled in blue.  But, the dog days of August will be scratching at the door in just a few weeks.  I do love these lazy days of summer and wish they could stay, but I can do without the heat indexes of 105-115 expected this week.  This morning I noticed quite a few leaves are starting to drift to the ground in this sweltering heat.  That's the first hint of fall, just a few wisps trickling down.  Trying to stay a step ahead with plans to bring autumn indoors in the weeks to come, I found this very inexpensive decorating idea.    Pressed leaves and beautiful birds.  This project reminds me of pressing leaves between wax paper and adding a few crayola shavings for extra color...way back when!  Quite simple and very budget friendly.  Are you starting to think about greeting cooler days with fall decorating ideas?  ( Photo from Country Living)


camp and cottage living said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. I love those picture frames.
Fall, no not a thought yet.
We barely have just gotten warm weather here in Canada where I live.
Stop by and say "hi" sometime. I'll try to follow when they get it fixed!!

Kathy said...

Living in hot, humid La. I am so ready for Fall, that means cooler weather and the end of hurricane season. All good...but it will be awhile to get here.
I love this idea, and I agree, the frames are so very special, bravo.

Deborah said...

You know, I noticed the leaves too. I had several leaves that fallen already! YIKES...

Mac n' Janet said...

Too hot to thing about decorating, but our daughter is coming and her room has to be painted. Usually I enjoy painting but not now.