Monday, August 15, 2011

The Wheels Go 'Round!

It's been slow blogging this summer, and I've really missed being in touch with everyone through comments, swaps, and just sharing our days.  Well, summer is waning in this part of the country.  The day temps are now in the 80's, and the nights are the 60's last night.  The school bus rolled by my house this morning at 7 a.m., so Fall must have her boarding pass!  As is usually the case for everyone, sweet Summer just came and left.  It's June, and then it's mid-August.

This summer I spent less time tutoring and more time doing some online curriculum writing.  LOVE IT!  Teaching is a calling, and I've followed that voice to teach math and English for the last 26 years, in the classroom for 15 years and private tutoring for all 26!  This summer was the time to do something a bit different.  With one of those "decade" birthdays arriving in June, taking note of where life has taken this girl and where she wants the journey to wind over the next 10 years took precedence. Yes, I tutored some, but the creative side of curriculum writing was where I found my bliss.

I'm going to be sharing the teacher's side of me in another blog beginning September 1st.  Lots of math/English resource materials for parents, teachers, AND  everyone else.  In addition to the academic subjects for traditional students, I decided to include helpful info for lifelong learners who enjoy soaking up any new information.  Learning never stops!

While the new blog is being filled with lots of  facts and fun,  I hope that you're enjoying the last days of summer and doing some personal planning for the Fall and Winter roads ahead.  Oh, by the way, Unshelved Words will still be here.  So, stay "bookmarked" as the bohemian spirit continues to tap on the keys about everyday life, which is always the greatest teacher!!  The link to the new blog will be shared on September 1st.  Save the date!! 

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barbarasaintjacques said...

Love your title, "The Wheels of the Bus..." I loved to read that book to my godchild, Jasmine, and she loved it. Will continue to check in to your "bohemian" blog..... Good fortune with your new blog coming September 1st. <3