Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Season of Hope

Advent begins today.  Following Western tradition, this is the first day of the Church Year for most churches.  Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and ends on December 24th, Christmas Eve.  To me, the season of Advent brings hope.  It is a time of joyful anticipation for the arrival of the Christ Child.  All mankind can rejoice during this time of longing for peace, justice, and righteousness in the world.  Many who celebrate Advent observe each week by lighting a candle.  May your personal season of Advent, whatever your spiritual calling, bring you an inner peace that is shared with your fellow travelers on the journey.


Robin said...


neora chana said...

I was raised Catholic and we had an advent wreath every year. It's a beautiful custom.

I'll be lighting the Chanakuh candles soon, which also brings a feeling of hope.