Friday, November 26, 2010

She Loves to Hear the Lids Pop!

Lots of folks will shop today.  Lots of fans will be watching the Alabama-Auburn game here in Dixie.  To each her own....but, this girl is making squash pickles and candied apple jelly!  The kitchen smells so good.  It is foggy and wet outside.  Our temps are dropping into the 20's.  The flames in the fireplace are dancing.  What a great day.  I sampled the homemade goods, and they are delicious if I do say so myself.  Now, it's time to bring a few potted palms into the basement, hang some cut lavender upside down, and brew a cup of coffee.  I am so blessed.  I hope that you are having the same kind of that lets you enjoy your favorite things!


Deborah said...

I love your birds and sounds so pretty.
I had a nice day too, no Black Friday for me!
Have a nice weekend.

rebecca said...

thanks for the lovely thoughtful comment you left this morning. it really touched me.
i too am in the kitchen. baking, in between an art project that is humming along.
your fire sounds so nice,
the work of your hands so delicious.
it is so wonderful to share the JOY of simple pleasures.