Friday, November 12, 2010

Haiku My Heart

Stone pillars stand
As tombstones marking the grave
Of a life well lived.

These nine stone pillars surround the site of Thoreau's log cabin in Concord, Massachusetts.  I often revisit Thoreau's writings when I want to escape from the world of  "busy-ness."  Thoreau tore down his cabin upon leaving the woods.  Only the earth remains.  He lived as he wrote--with a penchant for simplicity and reverence for creation.  It never fails upon leaving my brief retreats to my small Thoreau library that I muse what his thoughts would be on our modern times.  Is there any doubt?

It's Haiku My Heart Friday hosted by recuerda mi corazon.  If you enjoy reading haiku or would like to share your own, click here!  Rebecca's weekly gathering encourages my muse.  Thank you, Rebecca! I so enjoying this chance to pen haiku!(Photo from Flickr)


rebecca said...

i love this call to simplicity and mindfulness.
perfect for this frosty morning.
so glad you are here warming my heart.

Meri said...

Simplicity, indeed. Though just cement posts, in some way they call to mind the stone circles of my Celtic ancestors.

ms pie said... to imagine that his spirit comes to visit and passes his grave regularly as he walks along the quiet... a beautiful 'ku and lovely blog....

Kim Mailhot said...

Looking for moments of simplicity in this busy essential to a life well lived ;)
Thank you for this Friday treasure.

Leslie said...

I like that the pillars have weathered and become almost a part of the landscape. They look almost like trees.

Anonymous said...

I live in Central Louisiana now, but my mohter was from Rome, GA and I still have relatives over GA and in Gadsden, Ala, so I love your neck of the woods, Yes, I too love words, I love to write. I always have. And I've sewn all my life and my hand embroidery is good, but I haven't crocheted. You are giving me a hankering to get out some needles on this fine November pink saturday. Enjoyed my visit Terri

Boonie S said...

This communicates so well.

All the best, Boonie