Monday, November 8, 2010

Here Comes Monday!

It was a wonderful weekend with temperatures dipping into the upper 20's overnight.  ALAS!!  Monday has arrived again.  After a relaxing Saturday of pajamas and reading and a delicious Sunday of dining at Chuys (perhaps, the most fabulous Mexican cuisine anywhere), how could a girl help but be on top of the world for Monday?  The sun is poised like a huge sunflower smiling at the earth.  There is a slight breeze, and some neighbors are taking care of last minute yard trimming.  I think that I will just sit and enjoy the view from my window before hitting the books for afternoon tutoring.  Yes, it is a workday.  But, I sure can't find fault with that!  I am blessed!  I hope that you are having a sunflower kind of Monday!!!!  (Photo from The National Sunflower Association)

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Ella said...

My Monday morning was waiting for a bus for more than 15 minutes therefor getting wet of the cold winter rain. But I did enjoy meeting my friends in school again and talking about our weekends