Sunday, March 22, 2009

Simple Washing Powder Recipe

Several months ago I found an online recipe for powdered washing detergent. I decided to try it. Now I'm hooked on this eco-friendly, money saving homemade laundry powder!!! The laundry smells so clean...a fresh perfume smell! I have very sensitive skin, and this has been the answer to end the itchy feeling that sometimes comes from the commercial powders..even the "free and clear" varieties.

I took the recipe a step further to save more money and to help the environment. I now use white vinegar as my fabric softener!

There are many "recipes" online for the detergent. Some call for "washing soda." Others swear by baking soda. I opted for the baking soda. Here is my "tweaked" recipe for homemade detergent. I use Zote soap because I found a special at Target for 83 cents a bar!! The Fels Naptha brand works just as well. You will find either soap on the store's laundry products aisle. I use a large, glass Ball canning jar to store the powder. I put a decorative spoon from the thrift store inside to "scoop." So cute!!!

Powdered Detergent

2 cups Borax
2 cups Arm and Hammer Baking Soda
2 cups grated Zote soap

Grate the soap. Add the borax and baking soda. Blend together thoroughly. Store in a glass canning jar.
Use just 2 Tbs for regular wash. Use 4 Tbs for very tough dirt!

The number of loads depends on your tablespoon usage for soiled clothing, BUT you will save money! Best of all, in these tough economic times, it just feels good to know that we are taking small steps to be more independent from packaged products. We are paying for that nice packaging and advertising. The total cost for the needed supplies are about $5.00. This recipe makes up at least a one month supply for me. Quite a savings!!!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous recipe....sounds easy enough for me to do!! Thanks!

Sophia Rose said...

I dont know how I missed this post?
Anyways, I've been collecting glass containers for the very same reason. Thanks for sharing. I was beginning to wonder about what to replace the washing soda with because I can't find it anywhere. I know where I'll be going
And then I'll start making my lavender scented laundry soap.
Thanks for sharing this!