Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Dandelion's Clock

I was too young to follow the Redgraves' acting careers. Yet, the news of the death of Vanessa Redgrave's daughter, Natasha Richardson, has shocked and saddened me. It was a skiing accident that appeared to be minor. But, yesterday Natasha died. She was only 45 years old...the prime of her life. She was the wife of Liam Neeson and mother of two sons, Michael and Daniel. Yet, even with fame, fortune, and family she's gone like the dandelion that disappears with a puff of breath. Her death unveils stark reality once more. Let me remember that I, too, stand as the dandelion. I join with others in sympathy for Natasha's family. May their faith sustain them through the following days.

Harvest (excerpt)

In the meadow-grass
The innocent white daisies blow,
The dandelion plume doth pass
Vaguely to and fro, -
The unquiet spirit of a flower
That hath too brief an hour.



Tess said...

You wrote a wonderful post on such a sensitive subject. Well done! I too am saddened by this sudden lost and feel for this family. Many prayers will be said for them this day and in the days to come.

Anonymous said...

I was also very saddened by the death of Natasha Richardson. How sad for her family. Your comparison of death to a dandelion shows just how quickly a life can be taken. Thankfully, she did not have to suffer.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea Natasha was Vanessa's daughter! What rock have I been living under? (I'm old enough to have been following the Redgraves)

Natasha was a wonderful actress ... what an incredible loss for her family, as well as the world.

Sophia Rose said...

I'm still in shock! I can't believe it.
It's so sad.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Such a sad moment in time... My heart goes out to Vanessa's family.

Please let me know if you have received your Bird Swap package. Thanks so much, Sweetie.:) Lori