Friday, February 9, 2018

haiku my heart

Today, the sun visited all day.  Now the sky is becoming overcast  Rain, rain, rain, and more rain is on the way for several days.  The weather man keeps saying that winter is not leaving town yet.  But, today's sun brought hope that the sun will be returning to stay with a packed suitcase of tulips and daffodils and the sweet smell of honeysuckle.  We must believe!

I visited one of my favorite blogs today from years past, was so happy to see that "haiku my heart" Fridays are still being shared there.  How appropriate to visit with Valentine's Day just around the corner.  Here is my off the cuff haiku today.

If you enjoy haiku, I encourage you to click on the link above. Oh, grab a beverage before you go because you will want to stay for awhile.
 cold solemnity
with unfettered vigilance
keep faith in gold rays


Mark said...

Sometimes keeping faith is hard to do, but if we don't...

Thanks for the reminder that faith will get us through the hardest of times.

DD said...

It's a delightful off the cuff haiku. Thanks for sharing.

Lea said...

I love the gold rays of your haiku! And the "heart" wreath is wonderful! Glad you came back around to the haiku circle!

rebecca said...

welcome home dear friend! having you arrive is a taste of welcome spring. hope your visit warms your heart and has you reappearing with unshelved words again and again and again!