Saturday, March 18, 2017

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Nine years ago on a cold, January day while visiting my daughter and her family, I happened to mention to my son-in-law that I wanted to start a blog.  He told me about Blogger.  That was the beginning of Unshelved Words.  At first, I thought that blogging would be another good intention, like so many projects that I start and leave by the wayside.  But, blogging was different from the first post. As the days passed,  Unshelved Words took on a life of its own. It shared bits and pieces of my life that were strung together with images that inspired me. It shared words that I had collected which said what was brewing in my life at the moment.

During those early years, there were blog parties that introduced me to so many creative dreamers. Each one took me to a little corner of the world, usually faraway states and countries.  I remember participating in the blog party of all blog parties hosted by Ocean Dreamer for many years.  Hundreds of bloggers, including me, looked forward to meeting, greeting, and visiting each other.  Great friendships, some of which have transcended time and many miles, were born during those years.

Then, a few years ago, the blogging world changed.  New technology that was supposed to enhance our blogs, etc. changed the simplicity of visiting friends. Ads arrived.  It became complicated. One of the great things about earlier blogging was that it was similar to sharing a cup of coffee or a glass of tea/soda with a neighbor on the back porch. Not liking change a lot, I drifted away from frequent posting every week.  Blog parties became harder to find. I visited fewer and fewer blogs because there were now "feeds" to subscribe to and other such things.  No more just "Following."  A favorite blog was like a dear friend that had moved away to another state. It had found other things to do that made it just too busy to keep in touch like the early days.

For those who have followed since my first post and weathered the drought of no posting, thank you for still being here to read this one. As long as Blogger still exists and I can figure out how to post with all of the new screens, Unshelved Words will be sharing a pic, a thought, a quote from time to time.

Now, I think that I will hop over and check out some blogs that I have followed for years.  Sadly, the last time I ventured out in blog land to visit, some of my favorites' last post was 1, 2, or 3 years ago.  Hope those blogging friends are doing well.  Life does not stand still.  It does move on.  Maybe, just maybe, like me they will return one day to say hello.

Be well!  Until next time, Happy Spring!


Suz said...

me too. what has happened to blogland? All the writers I adored are gone. The memes. gone people sharing their everyday ordinary lives, which I loved reading..mostly gone. Only the self indulgent...never caring to comment on a comment..are hanging in there. I am guilty too of this dropping off. Life has turned a different way and my life is not the same and I cant blog about some things.
I am hoping to pick it up again...find something to share
write again
hope to visit you again soon

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Suz!!! So good to get the notice that you had commented! I miss blog swaps and parties. Between 2008 and 2011, I could not wait to visit blogs and make friends from so many different places. Yes, life has changed somewhat, but I miss those good old days. Now it seems most blogs are marketing tools only, or the format is not like good old blog spot. I am going to hop over to your blog now and comment.So good to hear from you. Hope to reconnect again in the future!

Laurie said...

Yes, and I really think it's because of smartphones that people stopped interacting on blogs. If you read a blog on your phone and then don't take the time to use your tiny keyboard to comment right then, you likely won't get back to it. And then instagram -- it lets you post a photo and add just a little blurb about it, rather than sitting down and doing a whole post on your blog. I too miss blogging days when we visited each other, back and forth. But I'm guilty of not engaging, myself. For me, it was the economy, and having to go back to work full time for many years now, that has given me so much less time to blog! Those were the good old days.