Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Big Easy

The Living Statue in the French Quarter
Carriages Await along the Mississippi River Front

The View from Amtrak Crossing Lake Ponchartrain!
Spring Break came and left so quickly a couple of weeks ago!  But, our train trip to New Orleans was fabulous.  It was my first long distance train ride, and I was amazed that we arrived so rested and ready to take on the town.  The train was awesome!   Rolling across the tracks over Lake Ponchartrain at sunset was a great entrance to one of my favorite cities.  Strolling the Quarter the next day, the Living Statue was amazing.  That gentleman knows how to simplify life!  All of the creative "vendors" in the French Quarter have a Bohemian flair that brings out my gypsy wanderlust.  The carriage rides on the Mississippi River Front remind you that you're in the genteel South where lazy days are not frowned upon!   It's so easy to love The Big Easy!  We love you New Orleans!  Can't wait to return!


Mac n' Janet said...

Haven't been to New Orleans for years, use to love it, thanks for the pictures.

jennifer anderson said...

heat will make you lazy lol. but yeah new orleans is a place of relaxation and intrigue.