Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Banana Peppers and Baby Frogs!


Oh, yes!  Such an awesome feeling to pick the first peppers of the season from the garden!

 I must share the little fellow below who dropped by a few weeks ago just as Spring "sahayed" in!  Isn't he adorable?  He took a long nap outside my front door sheltered by the cornice.  Then, in the morning, he had disappeared.  I can only imagine the places he's gone since then.  Hope it's been a safe journey!

Hope these May days are bringing you many of nature's many wonders.  
If you're a shutter bug, now's the time to snap! 


Suz said...

ooo I just love frogs
and fresh from the garden peppers
woo hoo

Michelle Lisle said...

Hi Marilyn....don't you love it when the garden starts to give you great produce....it's almost winter here now, the mornings are very cold and the days are partly wet and chilly. It won't be long before we don't get many sunny days now but thankfully where we are there's always the ocean to take pictures of and lots of birds and we even had a possum in our carport a few nights ago.....take care and I hope you get lots more delicious food from your garden xo

Padhopper® said...

*waves to the little frog*

CC said...

I have one just like it in my mailbox! This is it's second summer. How can it stand to live in a hot metal mail box, but it does. One day last year there were THREE in there together, holding a conference, I guess.