Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Pink Saturday!

"Once upon a time, in a Spring  faraway.."

It's Saturday and time to celebrate PINK with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!  Thanks, Beverly for being our hostess for so many YEARS of Pink Saturdays!

After the storms that ripped through the nation's heartland again this week, I think the innocence of pink is the elixir that's needed this morning.  Many prayers to those in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and my own Alabama, and any other places that have suffered tragic losses from the storms' fury in the last couple of days.

These pink mushrooms take me to a whimsical space in time where fairy dust could make anything all better. . . Days of Spring's coming in childhood with rains and thunder, but very, very rarely any severe weather.  Days of innocence~

I don't recall where I garnered this pic on the internet.  I love giving credit and links to inspirations; but, to whomever I owe the credit, thank you.  Beautiful pink!  The color that has become the symbol of hope.  Let us all keep hope alive even when the rains bring destruction.

I hope that you are awaking to a beautiful Pink Saturday, one that is filled with some quiet time that is your very own to enjoy.  Why not visit more Happy Pink Saturday sites that feature the "color of hope"?  Click here, and you'll be taken to Beverly's list of HPS bloggers.  Have a safe and delightful weekend!


Jorgelina said...

Adorable pink mushrooms .
Happy pink saturday!!!

Jorgelina said...

Adorable pink mushrooms .
Happy pink saturday!!!

All Ways Designing said...

Thanks for the inspirational PINKness post today! Have a great weekend.


Mother Moon said...

pink does make one smile.. esp. those adorable pink mushrooms

Anonymous said...

Yes, our hearts go out to those whose lives were changed this weekend.

Such a peaceful pink. Happy Pink Saturday!

Jill said...

I Love your blog.