Monday, March 12, 2012

Get Your Herbs On! Bring On the Color!

Ah, Spring brings out the gardener in all of us!  Though it's only March, planting a few herbs whets the appetite for starting veggie seeds!  Here are just a couple of herb containers I found while looking around Southern Living's garden site.  Nothing fancy, just down to earth enjoyment.

Add  some fun color  easily with succulents that are great for a dish garden now, too!  Are your fingers ready to dig into the dirt?  Mmmm...smell the earth as the soft rains fall and the sun heats up the longer days! (Photo Credit:  Southern Living)

You can almost taste the fragrance!
Coriander, rosemary, and thyme!

Succulent collage!  The colors pop with the blue stones!


Michelle Lisle said...

Hi Marilyn

I was just thinking about you while reading blogs and thought I haven't seen anything from you in a short while and then bang....there you are. I hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am enjoying Autumn. Love the pictures and rosemary and thyme are two of my favourite herbs. I think I'd have to say my number one favourite herb is Basil, I love it.

Well take care and happy gardening.

Suz said...

just lovely....finally warm weather here..a bit too early...but I'll enjoy it..can't wait to do my own planting