Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lady Autumn Wears Pink!

            Pink leaves?  But, of course!  Even Lady Autumn knows that pink is a very good thing! 
           For more posts that celebrate pink all year 'round, visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound! 
Happy Pink Saturday!
(Photo Credit:  Yahoo Images)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  In memory of those who lost the fight and in unison with those who are facing the battle today, support the cause to find the cure!


Cindy said...

Beautiful autumn leaves...I love this time of year. Thanks for visiting my Pink Fairytale. I must admit when I got older, I had a interest in gypsies, too! The princess turned to a gypsy, I suppose, due to my "wanderlust!"
Have a good weekend! Cindy

Elaine said...

I noticed a bi of pink in some leaves.. They are all such vibrant colors and then they fall and the work begins of raking them

ladychiara said...

Glorious photograph! I love the fall leaves. Sadly where I live we don't get much of a show. Thanks for sharing. :)

LV said...

Fall can provide us with all colors. This is a very neat fall shot.

Joan said...

A beautiful picture and sweet songs of birds together with an important message, thanks for sharing with us.

Flávia said...

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Stiliano said...

Hi! Very nice post!

dentist everett said...

pink leaves are very rare to see in my part of world but i am sure that they look fascinating

Brenda said...


Just dropping by to say your blog is wonderful! I'm visiting form Pinterest! Thanks for the beautiful thoughts! Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, Brenda

Dee said...

Very nice. Have a great day.