Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcoming Fall!

Credit:  Yankee Magazine
Looking at the date on my last post, I can't believe where the weeks have gone!  Everyone that I share that sentiment with shakes his/her head and agrees.  Life is moving faster than we realize until we stop and take a look back on the days that have brought us laughter, tears, and, sometimes, a  look of unbelief!  It's no exception in this little corner.  We weathered another storm a few weeks ago.  Though not as violent as the tornados of April 27th, it did bring a tree down in my backyard.  Then, my beautiful granddaughter started 5 year old kindergarten.  What a milestone.  AND, she loves it!!!!  When Labor Day rolled around, the day was spent laboring, of course.  New floor for the kitchen!!!  YAY!!!  After 5 years of saying, I want a new floor.  Now, "I have a new floor."  Next, comes the painting!  No problem.  In time, my dear, in time!  Our weather is favorite time of the year...The trees are undressing, but the winds are cool and the temps are just right for sleeping in every morning when I get the chance.  Life is good.

BUT, as is with life, bitter usually comes with sweet.  One of my close friends was diagnosed with the Big C a couple of weeks ago.  The prognosis is very favorable, because it seems to have been contained in his leg.  It's still one of those OMG moments that makes you step back and reflect.  

I did a bit of web surfing this morning.  I visited Yankee magazine...I am a Southern girl, but I must give credit to that Eastern seaboard this time of year.  OH, the color, the color, did I mention the color of those leaves?  Here is a welcome wreath that would be so simple to make...if you have a stash of  nuts....takes about 4 lbs.  according to the directions.  But, don't you just know that the squirrels would go crazy trying to say HELLO at your door? 

Now, how were the waning days of August spent in your corner?  How about Labor Day?  It's never to late to make a few notes in a homemade journal.  "These are the days we'll remember."

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Linda said...

This is my favorite time of the year too...I love the I know what to do with all the nuts I have...Thanks for sharing.