Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I ❤ Garden Gnomes!

Garden gnomes always bring a smile to my face!  Each one seems to have a little bit of good-natured mischief about them.  After doing a little online research, I discovered that gnomes are part of German folklore.  They are symbols of integrity, honesty, and hard work.  The whimsical creatures are said to guard hidden treasures in the earth. I found the hard working garden gnome in the picture at Kimmel Gnomes. Kimmel's has a great vintage collection to browse.


Jacalyn @ said...

I have never been a big fans of gnomes but I sure do like what they represent!!! Thanks for sharing.


heather said...

i love them too, there is something just so fun and funny about them. they were pretty huge at the bottom of the earth (southern chile) where i was living before. and it makes a lot of sense, because there was once a pretty large german population there.