Monday, January 24, 2011

I Like Easy!

Hello, Monday!  Grey skies, but no complainin'.  I'm grabbing a little bit of Spring sunshine for myself with paper flowers.  I think that I'm repeating myself with this post, but I love, love, love these paper roses.  Seems like handmade flowers are everywhere on the craft sites I visit these days.   These flowers are just crumpled pieces of tissue paper in three different shades of green and pink.  Crumple 3 inch, 2 inch, and 1 inch squares and attach with straight pins to a 3 inch...give or take.. styrofoam ball.  To add some glam, attach the larger flowers with decorative straight pins.  The ball is atop of a stick from the backyard.  Place in a 3 inch...give or take...pot.  A piece of  packaging styrofoam anchors the stick. Top with "fallen" petals.   The complete tutorial with pics can be found on the totally free site called Fave Crafts. Just click here!  Let me warn you.  The site has so many fun things to do that it's hard to stop clicking!

Crafty Jr. is another great site for easy projects like these fabulous fabric flower pins that are mistake proof!  They are made from stacked sets of  four petals of three different sizes that are cut with no precision from fabric.  Stitch a large "X" to hold them together, pull thread tighttly to the back, gathering the petals to your liking.  Finish by tying off.  A pin backing can be sewn to the back.  Glue or sew the center button or bead!  Click here for the tutorial.  Voila!  ENJOY!

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bellissimi ;)) qualche anno fa ho partecipato a qualche corso di decupage, ho imparato cose molto interessanti. Ora non ci riesco purtroppo, tra il lavoro e i figli. Però di sicuro li riprenderò..Ciao e buona giornata ..Nicoletta