Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Material Girl!


I am not a quilter, seamstress, or pillow maker. But, from my collection of cotton, barkcloth, gauze, and flannel, you wouldn't know it. In an earlier post this month, I shared how much I love fabric.  I love fabric so much that I don't like to cut it!  There is a special stash of fabrics in a small trunk on the lower shelf of a baker's rack in my bedroom. On indoor days, that trunk is opened to chase the doldrums away.  The threads that create the intricate patterns and the color combinations which intrigue and inspire are much too pretty to be stored away.  SO...

The very easy to do project above would be a great way to keep a collection in view all the time.  So simple!  Just cut a square of fabric to fit the wooden embroidery hoop.  Instantly, you have wall art!  I'm thinking maybe adding a few touches of embroidery or felt appliques.  Plain Jane or All Spiced Up, I love 'em! (Photo from The Purl Bee)

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Rachel said...

wow that is such a cool and creative idea! love it!