Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Target Practice!

Since moving to a slightly rural area in the suburbs, I have lived in harmony with the squirrels, the bumble bees, the honey bees, the crows, an occasional mole, possums, a few field mice and others in God's creation.  Most are content to stop by for a quick snack of bird seed or nectar and go back to the woods.  That's quite all right.  No harm done.  BUT, last night as I finished watering the plants on the patio under the deck, I saw some  suspicious activity in the upper corner of the eaves.  Homesteading wasps had decided to build a cozy little nest.  By divine design, I had just read online a few weeks ago about wasp/hornet spray being used for self defense.  It's cheap and it can spray up to 20 feet. So, I had purchased a can for my nightstand.  Was I prepared for the stinging invaders?  You betcha!  A few thoughts ran through my mind though.  Could I actually hit the nest dead center and carry out the extermination without being chased by a mad swarm?  I decided to stage a surprise attack at daybreak.  As I sent the dogs on into the yard, I prepared for combat.  Since it was still dawn, the security light came on and almost blinded me.  That didn't deter me. I was intent on getting the mission accomplished before the wasps came alive with the sunlight.  I approached the nest.  From a distance of 10 feet I pressed the can's trigger.  WHAT A SHOT!!!  I hit the target dead center, and the enemy dropped one by one to the concrete below.  What power there is in a can of wasp/hornet spray!  NO FEAR ANYMORE!!  The half-used can is now once again sitting on my night stand.  I would encourage you to keep a can handy, too.  It is great for wasp nests and a sure shot for stopping an intruder in your home.  You don't need to be as close to the person as you might with pepper spray to be accurate.   Best of all, it's cheap... like $2.49 at Lowe's!  I'll be restocking today.  (Photo from Flickr)

Don't let the flowers fool you!  This guy packs some pain!


Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

That is a great photo! Sorry you had trouble with the wasp inside your home. I dont mind them as long as they stay outside where they belong. Thanks for sharing....Julian

Mariah said...

oh wow I love the photo it captures the whole thing.hope they stay away from you.