Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome, Summer!

My Surprise Tiger Lily!  Just chillin' in the ivy!

Hello, Summer!  Though the 97 degree temps feel like you arrived a couple of weeks ago, I think that you're totally unpacked now and ready for fun!!  Summer solstice is today~~~the longest day of the year.  I do love the extra daylight.  Happy Summer Solstice, everyone!  (P.S.  The tiger lily above took my breath away this morning!!  I had no idea that it would decide to welcome Summer today! There was not one sign yesterday of its intentions!)


Michelle said...

What a beautiful tiger lily! Ugh...we are still overcast and sprinkly. Can you send some of that 97 degrees our way? :)

M.M.E. said...

What a great way to celebrate summer! That lily is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

97 would seem cool now! These 100 degrees+ are getting tiresome not to mention downright hot!

I still love summer though. Long days, gardens, day lilies, and lightning bugs.Oh yeah and homemade ice cream!

Have a great day.

Have a