Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Pink Tussie Mussie from Lynn!

 The most beautiful PINK tussie mussie arrived at my door this week from Lynn at Life at Cedar Hill.  Lynn was my swap partner in the fabulous Spring Swap at A Swap for All Seasons. In addition to having a beautiful blog site, Lynn is the proprietress of The Vintage Nest.  Can you imagine my excitement when I knew that Lynn was my partner for this May Day swap?  She outdid herself. She designed the most beautiful pink toile tussie mussie.  She filled it with pink "raffia," a wonderful pink coconut "edible" bird's nest,  and a sweet white chocolate tulip!  Delicious!!!  She decorated the tussie mussie with the sweetest paper blossom and long flowing ribbons. The braided handle and frilly ruffled top just made it more 2die4!!!  Thank you so much, Lynn, for for being such a thoughtful and creative swap partner.  It is nice to meet such a talented lady!

For more beautiful pinks, visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!  Beverly has shared some exciting news that Pink Saturday Posts are being featured in the May/June/July, 2010 issue of Artful Blogs.   Also, Pink Saturday is celebrating its second birthday on May 29th!!   Pink pizazz rules!   Congratulations, Beverly!


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Gosh, that Lynn is so talented and creative....your Pink Tussie is such a treasure and so beautiful...thanks for sharing! It's so exciting that Pink Saturday and Beverly has been featured in Artful Blogging. Happy Pink Saturday...Sue

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Don't you just love finding a bird nest you can actually eat? Thank you Marilyn for being the very best swap partner anyone could ask for! And happy Pink Saturday. xoxo

Susie Jefferson said...

How lovely! What a wonderful surprise for May Day - and all the goodies inside.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Sorry I have not been back in a while. Seems the pink list is so big and sometimes I only get so far! Lovely pinks! What a great gift to receive! Thanks, Jenn