Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time to Organize Crafts

Since the temps are staying below freezing all week, it's a great time to organize craft supplies. I found so many neat items packed away when we were organizing the basement last week that need a home upstairs for a few swaps that I've joined. Storage units that are designed for crafts are very expensive. To me, they are "boutique" items which spell " no can do!" Checking out some home magazine sites, I found these nifty ideas for craft storage. I'm sure that many avid crafters have an eye for turning ordinary items into usable ways to keep everything organized, but a lot of the times I overlook the obvious. Here are a few simple ideas that can be tweaked a bit to use similar on-hand items. For example, I am going to improvise on the shoe cubby keeper. Unfortunately, I don't own a die-cut machine, so I don't need the top storage for a cutter. I already have a clear vinyl shoe keeper with pockets that can hang in a closet. I have never used it for shoes. Actually, I've never used it for anything. So, I'm repurposing it for sure. All of those shoe pockets will hold lots of "needfuls." The ribbon holder shown here was designed to hold toilet paper. I'm substituting a standing paper towel holder for my stash. I have always used binders filled with the clear baseball card holders for my ATC's. I'm going to be using a couple now for embellishments. If you have any nifty craft storage ideas, please tell us about them! January lends itself to getting organized for the year! (Photos from Better Homes and Gardens)


Tess said...

Oh I love the pics you included. I like the shoe caddy idea and think I may have one around here. I also have baseball card sheets, somewhere. And never thought of using them for my ATC's or embellishments. Now I have three organizing ideas to implement this month. Thanks!

Tipper said...

Neat ribbon holder. Makes me wish I had a craft room all my own : )

Linda K. said...

I love that ribbon keeper. Nice ideas for organizing craft supplies. Thanks for stopping by Robin's Egg Blues.


Deborah said...

WOW, if my crafts were this organized, my family would think someone else moved in!! lol
These are great ideas :) Thank you!!