Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Cold Outside!

BRRR!!!! It's Cold Outside! Checking out some of my favorite blogs this morning, I see where lots of folks have lots of snow! It's heading our way by midweek and after. I'm in the Heart of the Southeast. The picture above is not my neighborhood, but it was published by the local newspaper on 12/05/09....not that many weeks ago. Do I hear giggles? Are you searching to see the snow in the pic? Well, it wasn't a major event, and it was a weekend event. So, that made it kind of fun. Just a lot of big flakes that melted as soon as they reached the ground. We haven't had a major snowfall since March of 1993 when the blizzard paralyzed our area for two weeks. We have no machinery to clear roadways. For that reason, many have to miss work when we are "snowed in." The economy being as it is...well, need I say more? Here's hoping that we get a few flakes to enjoy, but nothing that will keep everyone from work, especially after the holidays. It sure is cold. We will not reach much above freezing all week and the night temps could be single digits!!!! How many of you are enjoy the same "beautiful" weather???


Laurie said...

Hey, I'm in Colorado and we have gotten a few flakes here and there, but no real pretty snow which is annoying. It's just COLD. I'm so tired of it!!

Pat Winter said...

I'm in Indiana by the lake and we have a nice amount of snow and soooooo very cold...but sunshine!