Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Turkey Speaks So Eloquently!

While looking around online for Thanksgiving poems to include in an "itty bitty" book for a swap partner, I found this one! I love it. It reminds me of the "Eat more chicken" ads. Only this time, the turkey would like us to eat more beef over the holidays! (Photo from Flickr)

A Turkey Speaks

I have never understood
why anyone would
roast the turkey
and shuck the clams
and crisp the croutons
and shell the peas
and candy the sweets
and compote the cranberries
and bake the pies
and clear the table
and wash the dishes
and fall into bed
when they could sit back
and enjoy a hamburger.

~Author Unknown


Jennifer said...

LOL. Cute poem and a good point too!

Sarah said...

Great poem! I'm going to remember this one. ~ Sarah