Saturday, October 3, 2009

Perfect Pansies

A visit to Lowe's brought back many pansies to plant this week. So many beautiful hues to choose from. I bought deep burgundy with yellow centers. I paired them with purple and yellow "johnny jump ups." Here in the South these sweet flowers can last through frost and light snow. (Photos from HGTV)


O give me not red roses,
That early dews have wet!
They speak to me of kisses
That are remembered yet.

O bring me not white roses,
That summer winds have drest!
For once I placed white roses
Upon a quiet breast.

But bring me purple pansies
If so you wish to please,
For them I have affection;
For pansies are "heart's ease".

~~Louisa Cooke Don-Carlos

1 comment:

barbarasaintjacques said...

What lovely photos. Drop dead gorgeous! Love your new background. I have not been looking for a while, and I see lots of changes; all nice surprises!