Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Winner Is.....But Where Is the Winner?

I have had computer problems over the weekend, but all is well now. I have a Cottage Charm Giveaway winner! The winner of Daisies and Bluebells is Kris of Tres Belle! Her lucky random number was 16! I have a slight problem...I can't reach Kris through her blog!!! I am getting a message that it has moved. Does anyone know how to reach Kris? If you do, please comment on this post. If I am unable to reach her in the next week, I will pick another winner. Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting on The Cottage Charm Giveaway post. Please come back again and again!!


Laurie said...

I follow Kris' blog, too, and just did some investigating...you're not the only one who's missing her: http://kdottiedesigns.typepad.com/kdottie_designs/2009/05/addition-to-pink-saturday-important.html

caren said...

I see Laurie has forwarded you my e-mail address. Sorry to say, I haven't heard a word from Kris. It breaks my heart. We were ready to launch a new blog together and then she disappeared! I have tried contacting her through e-mail, snail mail, another blogger tried to phone her - no answer. If you hear, please let me know.