Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June is the Purr-fect Month!

The American Humane Association has declared June as the national Adopt‐A‐Cat Month. If you have room in your heart and home for lots of purr-fect love, please consider adopting a homeless kitty. My feline fur babies include one orphaned kitten named Sassy found in our bushes last September and Pooh, a beautiful muted calico, that was sitting in front of our door in 1997! Pooh is now the stately adopted mom to Sassy. Never having had a litter of her own, she has poured affection on the lucky little tabby. Pets add quality to our lives as we share warmth, food, and shelter with them. "Paws" for the cause!! If you can't adopt, please consider a donation to your local animal shelter. "All God's creatures have a place in His choir!"~~~


Laurie said...

All my kitties have been rescue cats! Once we had a "teenager" named April and then got a new kitty named Misty -- April mothered her like crazy. So sweet!

Tess said...

Such a cute photo and with eyes wide open, wow. I have such a hard time getting pics of my kitties with their eyes open.