Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter's Rose

I felt disloyal to winter when I wrote of summer's warmth in the last post. So, here's a single rose to laud winter's own beauty. I'm sitting all cozy with the dogs sleeping at my feet. Who could ask for more warmth? Winter is a time for sipping cocoa in my pj's and slowing down the pace. No other reason's just winter!!! Seems like there is more time to really see nature all around us. The bare limbs afford a better view. I've noticed the squirrels scampering up the trees with their stored nuts. They prepared well for these cold days. In the summer/fall they were so busy collecting. The long hours are here for them to kick back and enjoy their goodies. Birds fly by and visit in the summer, but, winter keeps me on my toes making sure that the feeders are filled. Winter has its perks!

I will not bask in a future season. Today is the best season! It's up to me to discover its beauty.

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Bev said...

Hi Marilyn isn't it fun to watch all the wildlife scurrying around...I think God takes the leaves away so we can. Our squirrels have been busy carrying the corn we've provided for them. Of course the deer take their share, not to mention the birds, but we have feeders for them!!!
Blessings dear, it's been awhile since I've been here!!! Bevie