Monday, January 12, 2009

The Frankie Award

My first post of 2009 introduced The Frankie Award. Frankie "dwells in possibility." This is a personal award that I would like at this time to present to Bev at My Creative World. Bev is such a sweetheart! Her upbeat blog and comments certainly exude faith in life's wonderful possiblilities. Bev, if you're reading this, there are no strings attached except to post the award pic of Frankie from the sidebar and continue to "dwell in possiblities." Visit Bev's uplifting site by clicking on this post's title or the links included. You'll enjoy a very peaceful retreat!

1 comment:

Bev said...

What a surprise...I was just looking at my blog, and there you were asking me if I had my dancing shoes on. I have to tell you the next time I dance will be in Heaven....I used to be a dancer of sorts. Now I'm lucky to walk across the room. Now I'm not complaining as I remember a quote by someone....part of it anyway. At least I have legs!!! I'm thankful for all God blesses me with...and HE sure has blessed me with your award!!! Thank you so means so much dear!!! (I'm wiping away the happy tears!!)