Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sleeping Porch

It must be an early spring cleaning bug that has me in a redecorating mood. One of the perks of my cottage is a screened porch just off my kitchen. Actually, it was the one amenity that stole my heart the moment I saw it. I imagined sipping my morning coffee in that sweet space. I would browse through Victoria and Country Living...I would create wonderful little tidbits of artwork. I would journal to my heart's content. The porch has certainly provided all of those opportunities. Since it extends over a patio area, it lends a bird's eye view of the backyard. Looking ahead to spring chirping, I'm starting to think ....sleeping porch! I will keep my bistro table and the ladderback chairs. I would like to add this beautiful daybed from Pottery Barn. Isn't it charming??? Its charm carries a trendy price. However, it makes a lifestyle statement of comfort and simplicity to cherish forever! My decorating style is more shabby chic/cottage than the ad picture. No netting...I want the feeling of freedom! One beautiful floral cotton quilt and a couple of pillows will make it just the right place for an afternoon nap....or a summer's night with the crickets. I wonder why this one daybed has so captivated me. It's the blue...the beautiful blue that hints of days near the sea.


Paula @ the Little Young House said...

How charming this is. We have a place on our back porch where this would be wonderful. Thanks for such a great idea!

Have a great weekend!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Oh, how sweet it is! The blue, the simple lines, the thoughts of spring...watching the birds and backyard life. For all those reasons and more you (and I!) are captivated by this charming piece and its possibilities!

Thanks for much for commenting on my blog and for becoming a follower! We share the nostalgia and love of so many of the same cottage treasures! I'm truly happy to meet you!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hi Marilyn! I am ready for spring too!!

Michelle said...

Oh you make it sound so lovely. I would LOVE to have a porch like this...I too would be sipping from my coffee cup and reading Victoria or Country Living....or Martha Stewart Living....or Better Homes...or oh I could go on forever. :)

Bev said...

Honey this is beautiful..hummm think I'll come visit...hehehe!!! Bevie