Thursday, January 22, 2009

Destash Day!

No, this is not my desk! I could only wish for such! I visited Country Living in the wee hours this morning! This photo from the decorating link has inspired me! Today's "to do" list has one main focus...ORGANIZE MY STUDIO!!! Before 2007, my home office space consisted of the usual computer desk, unfiled papers, and lots of magazines! Then a couple of years ago my art muse took up residence there, too. That sweet, wild child brought along paper, glitter, ephemera, ribbons, buttons, more magazines, and lots of eye candy for inspiration. The humble office became my studio. I love the sound of that phrase. How many of you have a studio? It encompasses more than just a desk and technology. It has a soul just waiting to express itself in creating art and penning beautiful ramblings. But, the muse must be free to dance without danger of tripping! So, it's time to declutter! Today is D-DAY...DESTASH and DELIGHT~~~in an organized space!
(Photo from Country Living)


Kathy2eggs said...

Never in a zillion years could my studio/computer room look like that....Sometimes I wonder how I got that way, but the desk looks wonderful.

Laume said...

I'm lucky enough to have my own studio. It's one room. But it's also the guest bedroom and overflow storage. It's become almost impossible to work in. I really need to get organized again because I'm tired of clearing and cleaning instead of creating.