Sunday, October 26, 2008

Graceful Reading

For those of us who were mesmerized by the first copy of Victoria Magazine in the 1980's, we are so excited to find those beautiful pages again at the bookstore. Having been an avid collector from the first issue, I was dismayed by its disappearance a few years ago. Its exit was not a total shock. Nancy Lindemeyer had been the editor for so long. When she left that desk, the magazine was just not the same. The content became too commercial with ads that were not suited to the pages' graceful ambience. Now the return of this bimonthly treasure shows promise of the ancestor's grace. To me, Victoria Magazine was the first of its kind to give a quaint English cottage feel to a ladies' publication. So glad that I found it so many years ago! Perhaps, in time it will once again be in the mailbox each month.

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