Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sweet Studio Retreat

Working at home has a lot of perks...Perhaps, the only downside I find is losing the "living space" for my office/classroom. Since creating art knocked on my door this past year, I have used yet another room for a studio. "Studio!" I love that word. It is an inspiring word. Well, I have decided that WHEN spring finally arrives, I want my studio to be outdoors in my backyard...a retreat! While looking through garden magazines for inspiration, I found this sweet garden shed in the Early Spring/2008 issue of Country Gardens. I think that this "shed" would make the perfect studio/retreat! I can see the inside with an old storage cabinet brimming with my paper and embellishments. Maybe, a small potting bench close to one of the arch windows! I love those arch windows...the distressed wood....the wildflowers....So, this could be it! I'll keep you "posted" literally if I decide to proceed with having it built!!! To recreate the look might take some serious searching for salvaged, etc. Then comes the naming.....

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Sherry said...

That's what I call my "work room" Marilyn, "my studio". When my oldest went back to University this morning after a week home (he'll be back again at Easter), he said to me as he packed up his bedroom "you can have your "studio" back now mom"...too cute!!

This one you've found in the magazine is gorgeous....hope you get something very like this one!