Sunday, February 24, 2008

Outside the Cottage Door

It has been a few days since posting. Busy days sometimes keep me from the serenity of taking time to share thoughts. Yesterday morning I awoke to rain showers...cold,bone chilling drops. As usual, I led the dogs off my back deck just as daybreak moved in. In the distance I heard the hoot owl!!! You know he visited a couple of weeks ago on my fence post also during the sun's rise. His "Who...who...who" continued in the mist as long as the dogs and I enjoyed the beginning of the new day. I had forgotten the peacefulness of only the sounds of nature in the country that early in the morning. Toby, my border collie, kept his ears on a state of alert as he looked back to me and then to his best friend Suzy! God has created so many wonderful creatures, sounds, smells, sensations in nature that are best met in our quiet, solitary moments. It was an awesome sunrise! Unfortunately, this morning I did not hear my song owl. I shall listen for his greeting from now on. The rains are leaving for today. Spring is trying to get in the door. Looking ahead the forecast calls for another cold front late Tuesday evening. Oh, spring, where are you????
Tuesday, February 26th, is the day for the second drawing on my blog for the OWOH giveaway that was held earlier in February. It was so much fun that I decided I wanted to share the love twice. So, if you did not comment on the giveaway earlier, please scroll to that post and do so today!!! I did not post the prize! If you like all things cottage, you just might say, "Oh, my" to this one! I will share the winner with all on Wednesday, February 27th.
If you have not joined in the fun for the Spring Fever altered tin swap, why not??? I have several ladies from some of the most fabulous blogs who are swapping. Some have said that this is their first altered tin. Of course, you don't have to have a blog to play with us! Join in the creativity and the fun! I can't wait to see the art that we'll share.
One more giveaway for the Call for Captions is coming on March 1st. Scroll to the announcement post and give that lady's picture a title! This is going to be a hard one to decide....All of the captions so far are so appropriate!!! What am I to do???? Perhaps, share the love with a few more tokens???? Smiling.....grinning...have a Blessed Day!!! May we all find simple joys throughout the day.

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Sherry said...

What a charming post Marilyn...very reflective,very peaceful and very "giving"!!! :) Cottage-y sounds good to me!!