Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Creating a Life

Sometimes, most of the time, my days seem spent without time to do creative play. Teaching is a creative outlet, but there is the personal need to have time to read ideas, absorb simplicity, mingle with like souls,....So, who/what is the culprit that makes me feel like there is NEVER enough time? One possibility has occurred to me this week. The enemy is a daily routine. It does keep life's train on track and on time. Unfortunately, it does its job TOO well!

Routine!! I don't like it! The word even begins with the "rue" sound. It takes away the power to create spontaneously. It steals time that could be spent on other priorities. It keeps me from adding or subtracting from my self image at will. With routine around, creativity must be spent carving small amounts of time from here and there to keep evolving. Routine is a necessity I suppose....otherwise, chaos would be the thief. Some realize this and adapt quite nicely to the mundane. Neatniks can place all daily happenings on a calendar filled with squares that block off time. Very wise! Bohemian spirits fight routine with every fiber. Routine is boring!! How many of you feel the same? Let me know with your comments!

Every day of our lives we each create a self-portrait. As we define ourselves we erase a bit here, add a bit there, make this side more colorful or that one more subdued. Experience adds depth. I am a work in progress. ~Unknown~

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jet1960 said...

I understand what you are saying. My Mom is very routine-oriented and in helping her since her stroke, it becomes very apparent how different we are, sometimes creating, shall we say, stressful moments. I wonder if I became the bohemian(as you say) creature I am in rebellion or do you think we are born that way?

She asked me how I find time to do some of what I do, as in craft or art, because she doesn't understand how I can since I work full-time and help her as well. I told her sometimes I just let things go so I can do what I want or even feel I have to do, which is not the laundry or cleaning.

I find myself feeling guilty at times when not doing what I SHOULD be doing, but if I always did what I SHOULD do, would there ever be any time to do what I want? I think not. There will always be things that "have" to be done.

I do see that having supplies in order speeds things up, so I do try to have some sense of order, but it does not come naturally to me as it does to others.

I have this discussion with a friend at work, who loves to organize. She admits that she loves to organize her supplies and frequently does, but actually uses them less than she moves them around.