Friday, September 25, 2015

Haiku My Autumn Heart

Photo Source: Facebook

 Words spoken in spring
Boomerang back to the heart
When Autumn arrives

Fall...Autumn is here!  My favorite time of the year has arrived.  This morning I visited the Haiku My Heart sharing blog for the first time in many, many months! It's a good day to let the thoughts take a journey.  Here is my share for this week.  If you would like to join us with your own haiku or just read all of the shares, click


J C said...

So true. When the seasons change we always think of the other seasons, and "wish". But I'll just take Autumn as it is. Perfect haiku.

Norma Ruttan said...

I love the thought in this nostalgic haiku! such rich autumn colors in the rug, swing cushion, pillows and vase.

Lea said...

It is my favorite time as well... the colors in the crisp air, the leaves letting go, it fills my heart as does your haiku...