Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yellow Cupcake Cottage!

This yellow cupcake came via Facebook this morning from Buttercup Bungalow.  I just love the concept of these sweet tiny houses!  I know I could live in this space!  Downsizing and letting go of needless things  are getting easier.  I think that quite a few folks are coming to that same jumping off point.  "Needful" is good.  "Needless" zaps energy!  Here's to leaving a smaller footprint!
Source:  Buttercup Bungalow via FB


Enie Dub said...

That's a really sweet cottage!

Suz said...


All Things Pretty... said...

I'm loving this little cottage... I am also in that "downsizing" frame of mind lately - especially when it comes to all my crafting and art supplies! I tend to hold on to things for sentimental reasons... I'm loving your cute blog and beautiful pics! xoxo Mercedes ps please visit me at