Sunday, November 17, 2013

Don't Rush the Season, Please!

A tiny cottage of solitude!
(Photo Source:  Unknown)

Maybe, I'm alone in this way of thinking, BUT it's TOO EARLY for Christmas carols and decorations!  Let's savor the fall, awesome fall, and its hours that drift like a nomad.  No rush with should-do's or must-do's, just could-dos!  Like I could take a stroll and find a great adventure!  I could pull out the crayons and color my world outside the box!  I could take a nap and listen to the leaves rustle by my window!  I could pull out the dusty books that have been sitting on the shelf for far too long and "leaf" through the pages, stopping briefly when the words call my attention. I could build a tall book stack next to the rocking chair for the cold days ahead.  I could visit the birds in the backyard and check their feeders.  I could enjoy a cup of steaming apple cider!  

It's time to take some time for solitude.  For, the holidays will soon be upon us.  The seasons come and go....ONE at a time! 

I love May Sarton!  I connect with her thoughts on solitude!  Do YOU?

There is no doubt that solitude is a challenge and to maintain balance within it a precarious business. But I must not forget that, for me, being with people or even with one beloved person for any length of time without solitude is even worse. I lose my center. I feel dispersed, scattered, in pieces. I must have time alone in which to mull over my encounter, and to extract its juice, its essence, to understand what has really happened to me as a consequence of it. ~May Sarton


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