Saturday, November 10, 2012

Serving Up Autumn

A beautiful fall weekend is here!  There are 2 "want-to-do's" on today's list.

1. Plant pansies.
2. Make door wreath.

It will be easy-peasy to slip pansies into my two small raised gardens.  I've decided to go with only one color this year.  I found these beautiful pinks on Pinterest.  Pansies are so resilient that we can enjoy them during the frosty days that eventually make their way to the South. A pink splash would be make a cheerful statement right on through the grey days of  winter.

Now, for a wreath!  Once again, I scoured Pinterest and found this beautiful inspiration from The Gathering Place.  It's so simple (and cheap)!  Just walk the yard and find the  leafed branches.    I love the idea of the wreath being NATURAL.  Mother Nature is awesome.  It' a great season to let her spruce up the door with honesty!   The branches were placed  on a grapevine wreath, but I think that I will try to make this work without making an extra trip to the store. 


I am linking this post to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.  She is serving up a buffet of fall eye candy.  Visit her for inspiration and to share your own!  Happy Autumn!  Dance in the leaves and make memories! 

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