Thursday, July 19, 2012

Much Ado About French Carrots!

Photo Source:  Sustainable Seed Company via Pinterest
The summer garden is ready to be put to bed....literally!  The plants parched by the 107 degree heat will be pulled.  It's not a fun thing as you look at the wilted, large leaves and remember the promise of the early, tiny plants that welcomed the spring rains and sun.  Such is the cycle of life.

While I'm thinking gardening, I want to share a link sent to me by Pinterest this morning.  It led me to this beautiful bunch of Parisian Carrots which led me to a neat heirloom seed site called  Sustainable Seed Company.  Are any of you familiar with these orange wonders?  Reading about them onsite, I found that they are a treasure for gourmet cooks, and kids love 'em.  Besides all of that, they are so French!!!!  I love it!  The seed company looks very interesting.  Lots to look at there!  So, it's just a different season for the garden with more good stuff to come!  Any plans for your fall garden?

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Suz said...

let's look forward to next year....
beautiful carrots