Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Family in the Nest

This is the second sweet family that has taken up residence on these eaves this spring/summer!  It won't be long before these little fledglings try their wings.  Somehow, they always manage to soar into the sky when we're not around. One can only imagine the journey they will take in their lifetime....hundreds or thousands of miles on fragile wings.  Their total trust inspires us to step bravely into each new day!
(Photo Credit:  Unshelved Words)

Nature sings ALL the time!

(Source:  Queen of Your Own Life)


All Ways Designing said...

That's precious! We have a robin's nest in our front tree. It's up a bit to high to see into the nest, but the babies sure do make alot of noise when mom and dad are nearby with their food!

Jan ♥

Suz said...

oh that was nice....and I love nestlings

Cazzie!!! said...

Beautiful words accompany a lovely image. It makes me think of the nest that has been created again and again in the very same corner of the Primary School my children attend. I, too, went to the same school. And I remember watching the swallows form their nest and hatch their babies in the very same spot! I am 40 yrs old, and yet my children get to watch the same events unfold in the very same area of the school we have all attended. It is special. Now I ought to take an image of it and blog of it one day :)

suz said...

I was fortunate once to see a group of baby birds fledging. It was fascinating to watch, and over way too soon. I was amazed at how quickly the parents had them up and away. - Karen

The Chic Country Cowgirl said...

Beautiful blog--can't wait to read more!

I just had a nest of birds living in the wreath outside my front door. They were absolutely precious and such a joy to watch every morning =)

piccolaceleste said...

sono passata per un saluto un bacio lu