Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Listen to the Silence

Hi Everyone!

 Just to let you know that I will be back to posting soon.  I decided to order AT&T Uverse for the phone, internet, and television service.  Phone and internet service worked well, but when the TV was added last Thursday, everything went down.  Seems like fiber optics does not like my street.  Anyway, after ....and I kid you not...7 technicians and supervisors visiting my house trying to make it work, Uverse tv is not going to happen with the "loop" length....AND my internet service is still down, too...Hope to be up and running tomorrow....So, I greet you from the library Wi-Fi hotspot this afternoon via laptop!

But, you know being without land phone, television, and internet has taught me a lot the last few days.  "Listen to the silence."  Earlier to bed, more reading of print, and peaceful porch swinging.  Almost like the good old days.  Oh, and the carpets are beautifully steam cleaned, some weeds have met their nemesis, and the laundry is so done!!!  (Photo Credit:  Flickr)


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Michelle Lisle said...

Hi Marilyn

Glad to hear you're well. Oh man isn't it a pain when everything stops working at once?? But I agree with you, sometimes taking time away from technology is a good thing, it brings us back to earth.

I look forward to more posts from you as I've been wondering where you are and I have to say I love the pic of the trees. Are they cherry blossoms??

Have a wonderful day :)