Monday, January 2, 2012

A Very Special Birthday!

Today would have been Mama's 95th birthday!  She was such a gentle, Southern lady with a strong faith in God and love for her family.  She has been gone for 12 years.

For all who have lost a loved one, isn't it bittersweet how the little things become the larger than life memories?  So,thank you, Mama, for the "little things".....all the times you sat beside me all night and cooled a childhood fever, for that "quick-on-the-draw-" tissue at church on Sunday mornings, for the best homemade biscuits that money CAN'T buy, and for watching us from the front porch as we came and went with our "busy" lives.  Oh, I could fill this notebook with all the many things you did so unselfishly.  Though I fall so very short of living so selflessly as you did,  some pages would be saved for how I see you in me as the years go by.  Yes, every time I look in the mirror, or speak words to my own daughter and granddaughter, you are still "so here" in spirit.

I'm asking God to give you a few "earthly"  presents for your birthday with Daddy in Heaven today!  I can see you both smiling now!  I love and miss you!

Dear Lord,  please give Mama

 Peas to shell, tea cakes to bake,
Thread for mending, too
Angel's gathered all around
As she sings the whole day through.
A garden of flowers to walk in,
Little children to watch at play,
Birds to serenade her
On this her special day!

 A whirl around Heaven's dance floor
In Daddy's arms so strong,
Then lots and lots of kisses
From the man she loved so long!

And when the dancing's over
And the kissin' cools a bit,
Give the two most precious angels,
A front porch swing to sit!

Happy, happy birthday, to my beautiful Mama!
(Credits:  Photo from Victoria Trading, Poem by me, her very  thankful daughter)


Like Box said...

nobody in this wrld can mom's place. every mom is special for her child......

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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

a beautiful tribute, your poem brought tears. how blessed we were to have wonderful women in our lives(())

Mac n' Janet said...

What a wonderful tribute!

Three Gener-ations said...

Sounds like she was a great lady...and a wonderful mom! Beautiful tribune!(:

Sam I Am...... said...

That is a beautiful poem and a beautiful tribute to your Mother. I just wished my Mother a Happy 95th birthday also on December 28th although she passed in 1999. She was a strong,intelligent, career-oriented Northern lady that truly walked her talk and I never heard her say anything bad about anyone. Happy Birthday to them both as they could have been "girlfriends" back in the day! LOL!

Suz said...

a loving poem for your mamam
I am glad she is with you always

Kathy said...


Penny Carnathan said...

What a vivid description of your mom, Kay. You brought her to life for us! I'm sure she felt (feels) the love. ... I'm guessing you had an angel on your shoulder when you wrote your poem, too. It's wonderful. (Thankful I still have my mom)