Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's About the Weather!

Geez, we've been having 65 degree weather for so long now that the grass needs mowing, and a bouquet of daffodils fresh picked from my yard are on the kitchen table.  That sounds like good stuff, right?  Well, even here in the Deep South, it spells trouble in the form of TORNADOS.  Monday morning at 3 a.m. we were awakened with the tornado sirens blaring.  Very scary in the middle of the night.  I got up, got dressed, turned on the TV to see what part of the county the monster was heading.  This time it was the NE corner which is my small suburb.  The house is fine and so are we, but several homes just one street behind us and many, many subdivisions within a 10 mile radius were obliterated.  This is an event that is becoming far too frequent across the country.  Prayers are being said for everyone who is suffering from the extreme weather.

On Monday morning after the horrible train passed over the house, I looked out to see Sam, a beautiful Golden Retriever in the driveway.  He looked traumatized.  I opened the fence gate hoping that he wouldn't run away, and he didn't.  He walked right in.  Luckily, Sam was wearing a collar with his owner's telephone number.  When I called, the lady said that he had run out into the night after their home was destroyed by falling trees.  She came yesterday afternoon to "retrieve" Sam, and he was such a happy dog.  He was relieved to see his family was OK, and, though I'll miss him, I'm so glad that he's been reunited with his forever family as they are already beginning to rebuild from square one.

I'm sure there are countless stories across this area that are very similar.  Life is once more put into perspective.  It's not about the house.  It's about family and all that word enfolds.  Life...so fragile.


Marydon said...

Yes, it is very sad the weather events that have wreaked havoc. So glad the dog is safe & home. Praying is all we can do.
Have a great eve ~

tipper said...

I'm so glad that you and your house are o.k. And I'm so sorry for the ones that aren't. I'm also glad you noticed Sam and got him back to his owners. It's been so warm this winter-it's like it forgot to come. Like you I worry about the storms-adn I also worry about every fruit budding out and then getting bit by a late frost.

Marie said...

Tornadoes are very frightening! We have been through many a scare! I am so glad you made it through this one all right.

bj said...

What a beautiful blog you have. I thank you for stopping by my place.

So sorry about so many losing their homes...and so glad you weren't hit. We live in West Texas so I can relate to fear of tornadoes. I spent most of my young life in storm cellars.

Great that you found the pretty dog....I know it's owners are proud to have it back.

OOO, and I am about to link up to follow you, too. :)
xo bj